Action - Write in Support

Please be positive. We want people to work with us to achieve a better skatepark with a renovated half pipe. People get upset when they are attacked, and can just dig in harder.

The members of Norton Town Council and their email addresses are listed here.

Members who have supported us throughout:

Members who have always opposed the half pipe renovation:

Members who supported the renovation in May, but opposed in July:

North Yorkshire County Council deputy CEO Karl Battersby

The county has interests in youth services and sport, so should be supportive. Ask to encourage Norton Town Council to be positive about the skatepark.

Our Member of Parliament is Kevin Hollinrake

Ask to take a closer, more forensic look at the evidence and encourage Norton councillors to listen to the voices of reason in support of the Half pipe.

Write letters to the press

Particularly to local papers such as the Gazette & Herald or the Yorkshire Post

Action - Spread the Message

Action – Be Ready for Action

We should always strive to be our best and help drive it forward in our communities by being present and vocal.

Actions - Red Ribbons

Tie a ribbon to the skatepark railings to show you care.