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That isn't our Norton Road vert ramp, unfortunately! But ours could be just as good. It's a video of the St Neots skatepark vert ramp, operated by Huntingdonshire District Council, freely open to all.

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There was a Norton Town Meeting on Thursday 5 August to allow citizens to express their views on the half pipe renovation. There are draft minutes available for the meeting and also a filmed record of the meeting.

38 of our supporters signed a letter to Kevin Hollinrake MP. It was delivered to him and to Oliver Dowden on Wednesday 11 August. We had a response from Kevin Hollinrake, and you can read it here.

The Norton Mayor cancelled the Extraordinary Meeting of Norton Town Council that was to be held at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 18 August at the Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre, Bowling Lane, Scarborough Road, Norton. This was the agenda and you can also read the team's proposal here.

We have written again as a community to Kevin Hollinrake, following Councillor Ann Spencer's cancellation of the meeting, to update him - as was requested in his earlier reply. We ask that he takes a more detailed look into what is going on, as he has done with some other local issues. The letter can be viewed here.

With the council meeting cancelled, supporters of the project met at the same venue, discussed their concerns and exchanged ideas about how to move forward. You can watch the meeting here.

An informal meeting between Norton Town Council and our Project Team took place on Friday 20 August. It was relatively positive. Norton TC commissioned another RoSPA inspection of both the Half Pipe and the rest of the skatepark to assess what needs to be done to make good both.

On Monday 23rd August, we held a peaceful protest (with some chanting!) outside the Norton Town Council offices as Councillors arrived for their August Council meeting. The Half Pipe was not on their agenda. You can see footage of the protest here.

We held a further protest on 20th September as Councillors met for September Council, at which stage the RoSPA report had not been received. At the Council meeting, a number of councillors called for an Extraordinary meeting of Council to consider the latest facts and take a new vote on the Half pipe. The date was provisionally set for 11th October. This was cancelled by NTC who had just received the second RoSPA report. They wished to review and deliberate it before convening to discuss & vote at the Council meeting on 18th October.

The October vote never happened. The second RoSPA report was rightly disputed as it conflicted with earlier advice that had been provided to NTC. Clarification was sought by Martin Brampton, Chair of Malton and Norton Town Partnership, over conflicting recommendations This went to the very top. David Yearly, Managing Director & Head of Play Safety at RoSPA Playsafety, confirmed that the second report was erroneous. He reissued a corrected report and the position is that the HALF PIPE DOES NOT REQUIRE SUPERVISION. We have to wonder how the ‘mistake’ came about.

We would have thought that this would put councillors in a position to vote at the November council meeting. But, despite being presented with expert information, several of these councillors do not appear to acknowledge the latest RoSPA advice, and wish to further stall the process. The Mayor now says a structural engineer will need to be appointed to assess the frame, but by the time of the November meeting no engineer had been appointed. Calls have been made by a number of councillors for a vote to take place asap with Councillor King speaking about democratic duty – something that has been lacking by the game playing of the opposing councillors. Campaigner Ryan Swain is perhaps right – the opposers on council are prolonging a vote from taking place, hoping the half pipe will rot over winter. It has been almost six months since residents requested transparency, decision making based on facts, and prioritisation of the matter.

Next steps - will councillors push for an Extraordinary meeting of council to vote on the future of the Half Pipe? If not, will they have a vote at their December meeting on 20th December at 6.30pm? Half a year later! It is, all in all, an utter disgrace.

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